Make Siri Change Settings, Read Battery Level

iPhone 4S (Jailbroken): The voice-assistant Siri is pretty useful on the iPhone 4S, but there are a lot of things you still can't do with it. This Cydia tweak will cross a few items off that list, including turning on or off wireless settings, setting your screen brightness and reading your battery level back to you.

What's interesting is the way that the developer set up these features. Instead of going to a third-party server to enable it, he can just use a framework to keep these commands local to your phone, which is a plus for privacy reasons. You'll have to jailbreak your phone, just like with all other Cydia tweaks, but if you've already done it, this is a pretty cool addition.



    Maybe it doesn't need a proxy server, but does it still need the real guzzoni server? It would be awesome if this was performing voice recognition without needing beefy server hardware to do it.

    How can this be possible? iPhone 4S jailbreak not even out yet....

    How can this be possible? iPhone 4S jailbreak not even out yet….

    iPhone 4S (Jailbroken):
    You do realise there is no public jailbreak yet right? Saying "You'll have to jailbreak your phone" should probably be qualified with "When a public jailbreak becomes available".

    How do I change sira to search for Australian shops? When bet I ask for a coffe shops it can Only do so for the US I checked the setting but not helpfull. So does any one know how to change the setting to Australia

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