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United Airlines made headlines around the world today after a gate agent refused to board two young girls on a flight to Minneapolis because they were wearing leggings. The choice of attire was deemed "improper" for United representatives, even though both passengers were children.

Despite almost universal condemnation and boycott threats from celebrities, United is sticking to its guns and refuses to admit any wrongdoing. While we won't defend its draconian and sexist policy, the airline does have one thing right - leggings are a pretty terrible choice for an aeroplane. Here's what to wear instead.


Sometimes we set ourselves up for failure, and while we probably don't even realise we're doing this, there's a reason for it: it's comfortable. This video from School of Life explains.


Ever find yourself a little constipated on holiday? It's not just you. The Atlantic points out that travel constipation is a pretty normal phenomenon, and solving the problem takes an understanding of why it happens in the first place.