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Our Morning School series on brewing the best coffee is chugging along, and today we're moving beyond propagandising for good coffee and getting into the nitty-gritty of what to do with your high-quality, fresh-roasted beans. Contrary to how it might seem if you listen to hardcore coffee geeks, brewing good cups of coffee at home doesn't have to be approached as if you are taking on a whole new hobby. A few basic principles will give you a toehold into almost every brewing method and with just a bit of trial and error (and of course good beans) you'll discover that a great cup doesn't have to be hard to find.


Yesterday we argued the case for better coffee, and today we're diving into selecting the best beans. Often lost in our gadget-obsessed culture is the basic fact that no fussy brewing method, precise technique or pricey gear matters as much to your mug as the coffee beans you choose to brew. Even the most simple brewing device can produce otherworldly brews when paired with great coffee. Finding an approach into the often confusing landscape of consumer coffee bean choices is the essential first step to improving your morning ritual.


Are you a total coffee nerd, always on the hunt for the newest and best blends? Or maybe you're on the opposite end of the spectrum -- you appreciate a cup no matter where it comes from. Whether you're a noob or a connoisseur, this week's Lifehacker Morning School is for you. All week, the experts from Tonx, the US-based fresh roast subscription service, are setting out to demystify some of the contemporary coffee culture noise, and give you the knowledge you need to make great coffee anywhere. So grab your favourite cup and let's get to learning.