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Teenage bullies have more sex than non-bullies, according to reports of a new study. With sexually harassing bullies all over the news and in many of our workplaces, it seems both sad and true that people who abuse and manipulate others would have more sex. But this study tells us more about how teens respond to surveys than about some universal truth of human sexuality.


There are two conflicting definitions of the phrase internet troll, just as there are two conflicting origin stories. The more refined definition comes from the fishing technique of trolling (dragging a fishhook behind a boat) and is a synonym for trickster. This type of troll knowingly strings others along, often by aggravating them by pretending to take a ridiculous attitude or position. Ideally, they cause no harm, other than what the target inflicts upon themselves. Trickster trolling is a skill - a skill I will teach you.


A study of the Australian hospitality industry has found casual workers are fearful of reporting bullying to their bosses because they are afraid of losing their jobs. With more an more people entering casual jobs, and as traditional workplace roles change, this is a significant concern.


In June 2017, a 17-year-old Massachusetts girl named Michelle Carter was convicted of involuntary manslaughter after repeatedly urging her boyfriend to commit suicide via text message. It was a landmark case in the US, with prosecutors successfully arguing that words alone can be the deciding factor in a homicide case.

But how does the law work in Australia when it comes to encouraging another person to take their own life? Let's find out.


Red hair is caused by a rare recessive gene that occurs in less than two per cent of the human population. Once considered a sign of beauty, virility and even rulership, the trait has since become an object of bullying and ridicule - and the "rangas" have had enough.

On 29 April, Australian redheads are being urged to take part in a national Ginger Pride Rally organised by
Buderim Ginger Beer and the Red and Nearly Ginger Association (RANGA for short). There will even be 'ginger speed dating' for redheaded singles to partake in. Here are the details.