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Mac/Windows/Linux: Popular HTPC front-end media manager Boxee announced the latest version of the Boxee desktop software for all systems this week, with heaps of new features including quick access to commonly-used items on the home screen, more social integration, and a retooled UI. Unfortunately this is the last version of Boxee that will be available for download; future releases will only be made available on the Boxee Box and other set-top equipment.


Not sure exactly how long this has been the case for, but Lifehacker reader Tim wrote in to say that content from the ABC's justly popular and well-regarded iView service became accessible over the weekend via the equally popular and well-regarded Boxee media centre.


Windows/Mac/Linux/Apple TV: Open-source media centre application Boxee gained a lot of notoriety for seamlessly integrating web-based TV shows with a remote-friendly, 3m interface. Now they're aiming to bring more web-based movies to their Movie Library.


I love messing with settings and geeky file-sharing programs. My spouse doesn't, but digs Hulu and appreciates free. So I set up a media centre that satisfies my geek cravings but is actually easy-to-use for non-nerds. Here's what I pieced together.


If Boxee is your main media interface, you don't have to shut it down to enjoy some old-school emulation gaming. A clever Launcher app and some command line tweaking lets you jump right into Zelda, Mario and other ROMs.


Windows/Mac/Linux/Apple TV: Boxee - the XBMC media centre spin-off that took web video by storm - has just released its first public beta into the wild. The new release comes with a new look, improved features, and a few new tricks up its sleeve.