Microsoft Releases Free eBook For Azure Developers

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has released a free eBook, The Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Azure for developers looking to create applications that will run on Azure. Although the Azure platform, like AWS and Google's cloud offerings, has been around for a while, that doesn't mean everyone is at the same place when it comes to understanding how to create applications that best take advantage of these new platforms. Books like this are a good way of getting started if you're new or filling gaps you might have in your own knowledge.

The book, which was written by Michael Crump and Barry Luijbregts, kicks off with the usual "getting started" section but moves through adding intelligence, security and deployment. It walks through specific scenarios as well as how to develop and deploy a web application that uses Node.js and MongoDB and tasks such as Continuous Integrations and Continuous Deployment, staging environments, scaling, logging, and monitoring.

You can download the book here.


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