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If you've been trying to install the April Update to Windows 10 and have hit a road block there may be a good reason. Microsoft has stopped the software from installing to computers running Avast Antivirus after some people experienced a blank desktop with no icons. This follows issues with installations on Intel and Toshiba SSDs which Microsoft has issued a patch for.


Reports are emerging that the CCleaner outbreak targeted computers at some specific companies. Evidence procured from data on a command-and-control server shows that 20 of the 700,000 affected computers belonged to companies such as Samsung, Cisco, Sony and Microsoft.


Why try to trick you into installing malware when you'll do it voluntarily? That was the tactic used by attackers who infiltrated Avast's servers and planted malicious software into CCleanup 5.33 recently. The malware was detected by Cisco Talos during some routine beta testing of their updated detection engine.