Windows 10 Build 1803 Won’t Install To A Bunch Of Systems

Windows 10 Build 1803 Won’t Install To A Bunch Of Systems
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If you’ve been trying to install the April Update to Windows 10 and have hit a road block there may be a good reason. Microsoft has stopped the software from installing to computers running Avast Antivirus after some people experienced a blank desktop with no icons. This follows issues with installations on Intel and Toshiba SSDs which Microsoft has issued a patch for.

MartinZ, a product manager with Avast posted a message on the company’s forums saying “Microsoft temporarily disabled the updates on version 1803 on PCs with Avast. We are working together with MS to find out the cause of this issue, but unfortunately right now neither MS nor us are able to reproduce the issue”.

Whether that means the problem is specifically related to Avast, or Avast and some other, as yet, unidentified piece of software is still unknown. But another staffer from Avast is asking for affected users to send in system logs from the “C:\$WINDOWS.~BT\Sources\Panther\” folder to assist with the investigation.

This follows problems with upgrading to Build 1803 on systems running Intel and Toshiba SSDs. Tom’s Hardware identified an issue that resulted in some systems with Intel SSDs to enter a UEFI screen reboot or crash repeatedly. That issue affects Intel SSD 600p Series or Intel SSD Pro 6000p Series, and Toshiba XG4 Series, Toshiba XG5 Series, or Toshiba BG3 Series SSDs.

Microsoft has issued a patch for that problem.

I don’t envy Microsoft having to support such a massive variety of different system configurations. Issues like this, that seem to affect very specific configurations must make testing very challenging.


  • I’ve had about 80% of computers from different SMB’s fail to the black screen with the blue circle. Absolutely ridiculous.

    Safe mode, disable all non-microsoft services with msconfig, reboot normally and then re-enable them fixes it, but how is the average Joe Blow manage to do that? Absolute shite of an update.

  • I managed to install it fine on most of my devices except my main desktop which had been dead ever since I did the update. I am stuck in a situation where the install seems to have bluescreened mid update failing and the on boot it attempts to recover but likely fails that to and Alli get is a black screen with mouse. Also safe mode just shows a black screen too with mouse and safemode text but not much else. It is looking like I will have to start again as I can see any way of fixing the problem.

  • I’ve also had a bunch of workstations experience failures with RemoteApp connections performing terribly and the full Disk warnings because the hidden partition had a drive letter mounted on it (incorrectly). Total POS!

  • I’ve just wasted the best part of a week rolling out and then rolling back this update on our network.

    *Every* machine suffered various problems: slow booting, slow Windows, Chrome/Edge/IE11 crashes, unable to access standard window options, domain disconnects, BSOD’s, backup software not being able to connect to relevant computer, downloads failing, the lot.

    Specifically this is 1803 with ALL the latest “fixes”.

    Has to be the most unreliable update ever and one I would suggest everyone avoid!

    Oh, now my home iTunes only PC won’t run iTunes unless speakers are plugged in…which I never use (I use this PC to update/sync all my devices). Someone will probably suggest a solution for that but few of us have the time to debug every issue caused by a new update.

    Microsoft you really screwed it up this time and how long have you had to fix it?

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