• Ask LH: Can I Switch From AUSTAR To FOXTEL?

    Dear Lifehacker, So FOXTEL has now officially purchased AUSTAR. As a current AUSTAR customer can I reap the benefits of being a FOXTEL customer, such as bundled accounts with Telstra or other discounts? And will the the FOXTEL equipment such as IQ work with satellite, or am I stuck with my sucky Mystar to decode…

  • Foxtel’s Austar Merger Hinges On Sharing Online

    Since last July, the ACCC has being weighing up whether Foxtel acquiring Austar would be anti-competitive, a question in which the likely future of the NBN plays a crucial role. An issues paper issued today suggests the ACCC might approve the merger, but only if Foxtel ensures that some of the content it acquires is…

  • Local ABC Disappears For Some Austar Viewers

    It’s often tempting to assume Australia has five national networks, but we’re frequently reminded that regional viewers have a quite different experience to people in capital cities. In the latest incident, Austar viewers have lost access to their regional ABC stations.