Austar AnyWhere Offers Online TV Viewing Service

Austar AnyWhere Offers Online TV Viewing Service

Foxtel subscribers have had access to TV downloads since last year. Now regional Australia gets its chance to burn through download limits with Austar launching its own online streaming service, Austar AnyWhere.

While Foxtel’s offering was download-only, Austar AnyWhere can also be accessed via a browser. One big advantage of that approach is that it works on Macs as well as Windows machines. There’s no ISP peering deals in place, though, so you’ll need to keep a careful eye on your download quota.

Austar says 400 hours of TV are currently available on the service, with new episodes rotated in weekly. If you’ve given it a try with your Austar account, tell us about it in the comments

Austar [via TV Tonight]


  • I haven’t had a thorough look into it but I’ve played with the browser and the standalone app both on a Mac and streamed a few minutes of video to get a taste. It works just like you would think, streams smoothly although I found the quality to be only average (though this could be due to my connection). No shows really stood out to me, they seemed like a pick of so-so shows which I would not go out of my way to watch. With that said, the overall service is pretty good. It’s just too bad the show selection isn’t of my taste.

  • Unfortunately, being a country viewer I have no choice but Austar. This offering is a joke, the programs listed are rubbish. I would have thought you could at least watch a show you might have missed (“Demons” failed to record!)I can tell you that the web site in general is atrocious. there is no persistant login ability and there is no way to set persistant preferences, so you have to reset your preferred channels every time you login!!

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