Local ABC Disappears For Some Austar Viewers

Local ABC Disappears For Some Austar Viewers
ABCLogoIt’s often tempting to assume Australia has five national networks, but we’re frequently reminded that regional viewers have a quite different experience to people in capital cities. In the latest incident, Austar viewers have lost access to their regional ABC stations.

TV Tonight reports that since Tuesday, users of Austar’s newer set-top boxes in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania haven’t been able to access their local ABC stations, instead getting the standard NSW service. That might not sound like a big deal, but with regional radio increasingly bombarded with national content, local ABC is often is good as it gets. It’s doubly annoying when those customers are paying for the service, of course, though at least iView might provide some relief (assuming speeds are high enough).

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Austar turns off ABC local [TV Tonight]


  • We are Victorian subscribers (Otway ranges)to Austar and have lost Victorian ABC(on 195)for months now. I have contacted Austar – months ago. Have contacted local MPs and federal MPs. God help you if you need help with any of this because no-one else will.

    Responses have been:

    1. Not our jurisdiction;
    2. It will be recorded and we’ll get back to you;
    3. Please submit in writing;
    4. Not sure, will ask and let you know;
    5. It will be fixed by February (year

    In the meantime we can see the floods in Sydney on 102 ABC but not what’s happening in our small part of the world.

    What would happen if 1000 subscribers rang in and told Austar to unsubscribe them until certain improvements happen?

    Would that help?

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