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Eating bone marrow is an experience best described as "viscerally decadent". Once roasted, the luscious meat butter inside the bones can be scraped out and spread on toast, mixed with rice and vegetables, or eaten on top of more meat for a crazy carnivorous experience.


Cheeseballs really live up to their name. Not only are they a literal ball of cheese, but there's something kind of charmingly corny about them. Like a tacky Christmas sweater, they're more class clown than class act - lovable, goofy and charmingly unpretentious. They're also infinitely adaptable, and insanely easy to make.


We tend to think of dips as white, creamy liquids with flecks of herbs or other greenery hanging out in there, but Serious Eats has a recipe for one that is unlike anything I've ever dipped a carrot in, and it contains pork, miso and walnuts.