How to Connect Your AirPods to a MacBook

How to Connect Your AirPods to a MacBook

Apple products are well known for their very simple and minimal user interface. They’re easy to set up, connect, and navigate, even for beginners. The AirPods are Apple’s staple earbuds, and they’re no different. You can seamlessly connect them to any Apple device, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. But if they connect to a different device than the one you intended to connect—let’s say it connects automatically to your iPhone when you want it to connect to your MacBook—it can be tricky to fix.

If you’ve paired your AirPods to an iCloud-connected device

One of the many great things about Apple products is that they’re all interlinked with iCloud. If you’ve set up your AirPods with an iPhone signed into your iCloud account, you should be able to automatically connect your AirPods to your Mac. You just need to make sure you’re signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID. To check, place your AirPods on your ears and choose Apple Menu > System Settings, then click Bluetooth in the sidebar or go to the volume drop-down menu from the menu bar on your Mac. Your AirPods should be on the list. Select them and enjoy.

If your AirPods don’t pair automatically

If your AirPods aren’t on the list and are not pairing automatically, it’s easy to remedy. Follow these instructions:

  1. Ensure your AirPods (and the case) are fully charged. You might have problems connecting if they’re low on battery.
  2. Navigate to your Mac’s Bluetooth settings. This can be done by accessing the Bluetooth menu in the menu bar and choosing Open Bluetooth Preferences. Alternatively, click on the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Bluetooth.
  3. Verify that your Bluetooth is on and airplane mode is off.
  4. Place your AirPods inside their charging case, close the case lid, and then open it. (Sometimes resetting them this way helps.)
  5. Hold down the setup button located on the back of the case until you see a white flashing light.
  6. Navigate to the Bluetooth settings on your Mac again and look for your AirPods in the Devices list.
  7. When you see them. click on “Connect.”

At this point, you should be able to listen to media from your Mac or iPhone seamlessly without changing headphones. You’re living the good life.

Some more troubleshooting

If your media is still playing on your Mac speakers instead of your AirPods, make sure your AirPods are selected as the output device for your audio. Go to the Bluetooth or volume drop-down menu in the menu bar and select the arrow on “sound,” and select your AirPods.

AirPods are an awesome set of earbuds; make sure you’re using them to their highest potential.

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