Stranger Things 4 Has Us Wondering: What Song Would Save You From the Upside Down?

Stranger Things 4 Has Us Wondering: What Song Would Save You From the Upside Down?

If Max wasn’t already the coolest character in Stranger Things she definitely won that title in season 4. The girl’s favourite song is ‘Running Up That Hill’ by Kate Bush. Hard to get cooler than that.

The song actually played a large part in Stranger Things as it turned out Max’s favourite song was key in her struggle against Vecna (this season’s supernatural threat).

This got me thinking: what song is so powerful it would save you from the monster in the Upside Down? I asked my team members for their responses so that in the event that we’re ever cursed by Vecna we know which songs to turn to.

Songs that would save us from the Upside Down in Stranger Things

‘Like I Used To’ by Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen

“Mine would absolutely be Like I Used To by Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen. I think it’s one of the best duets ever made, and it’s just so lyrically gorgeous. It’s also a duet I wasn’t expecting, and clearly has inspiration from the Twin Peaks soundtrack that makes it stick with me even more.” – Ruby Innes, Kotaku Australia.

‘Doomsday’ by Architects

“Doomsday by Architects. It was part-written by the band’s guitarist while he was battling cancer. Following his death, his brother (the band’s drummer) completed the song. The lyrics are beautiful, the instruments truly speak their own words, too. The emotion behind the song always sends me to an empowered place.” – Asha Barbaschow, Gizmodo Australia

‘Silver Springs’ by Fleetwood Mac

“Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac because if hearing Stevie Nicks belt out ‘I’ll follow you down ’til the sound of my voice will haunt you’ doesn’t absolutely destroy a hell demon, nothing will.” – Stephanie Nuzzo, Lifehacker Australia

‘West Coast’ by Lana Del Rey

“West Coast by Lana Del Rey has the power to not only save me from the Upside Down but also levitate my body and transcend me to heaven. I know for a fact that if Vecna had its dirty claws on me and I heard the pure euphoria that is the chorus of West Coast, I would be saved.” – Ky Stewart, Lifehacker/Gizmodo/Kotaku Australia.

‘Misery Business’ by Paramore

“I never meant to brag but Vecna doesn’t stand a chance against Hayley Williams. Misery Business is peak Paramore and has united pop-punk kids, both old and new, for decades now. The sheer head-banging it ignites in my little emo soul would easily break me out of the Upside Down.” – Lauren Rouse, Lifehacker Australia.

Do you have a favourite song that would save you from the clutches of Vecna? We want to hear it! Let us know in the comments.

No idea what we’re talking about? You can watch Stranger Things 4 Vol 1 on Netflix now.


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