How to Save up to A$408 on a New MacBook Pro (and Other Apple ‘Education Deals’ Anyone Can Get)

How to Save up to A$408 on a New MacBook Pro (and Other Apple ‘Education Deals’ Anyone Can Get)

Apple’s new MacBook Pros are as intriguing as they are expensive; the 14-inch MacBook Pro starts at A$2,999, while the 16-inch MacBook Pro will set you back A$3,749. If sticker shock turned you away from picking up one of these new Apple laptops, you should know they’re already discounted — you need only shop from the right store.

Apple’s Education Store discounts the new MacBook Pros

These brand-new MacBook Pros, complete with MagSafe, added ports, and bigger and brighter displays, are available at a discount right now, thanks to Apple’s Education Store. If you’ve ever shopped for a Mac for school before, you might be familiar; Apple’s education discount is meant for students and teachers, in grades K–12 and higher education. While every kindergartener deserves a discounted MacBook Pro, it makes you wonder; does education really end at graduation? Aren’t we all students of life? I, myself, learn at least a new thing or two each day on my Mac!

That is why we are of the opinion that if you pinky promise to use your new MacBook Pro to watch educational documentaries on YouTube, read fascinating biographies through Apple Books, or to skim Wikipedia every now and then, you’re in the education club. Come claim your discount.

How to use the Education Store when you’re not in school

Apple’s Education Store doesn’t actually require any proof to use; if you scroll to the bottom of their homepage, under Education, you’ll see Shop for K–12 and Shop for College. While the former takes you to an explainer on how to purchase discounted Macs for your school, the latter opens up the Education Store, complete with all its various discounts. Once you click the link, you’re in.

The company doesn’t have any standard percentages when it comes to the Education Store; it’s not like you get 10% off an iPad, or 15% off a Mac. Instead, the company usually takes a specific dollar amount off its products. For MacBooks, that’s traditionally been A$135. That’s great for a new MacBook Air, as you save 10% off a base-model machine. Once you start looking at more expensive computers, however, that A$135 becomes a smaller and smaller percentage of the whole. Still a nice discount, but the savings feel less.

The new MacBook Pros are heavily discounted

This year, however, Apple seems to be enticing students to buy one of its new MacBook Pros; as mentioned, these computers made headlines for their new features, but also for their expensive price tags. In an apparent effort to snag extra business, Apple is taking off more than usual here; the 14-inch MacBook Pro is A$230 cheaper in the Education Store, starting at A$2,769, while the 16-inch MacBook Pro gets A$300 off, starting at A$3,449.

Those discounts increase when you move away from base models, as well; the 14-inch M1 Max is A$326 off in the Education Store, while the 16-inch M1 Max model is $408 off. These are discounts you are unlikely to see on these new machines until Apple begins selling them refurbished. But because anyone can access the Education Store, the MacBook Pros are effectively cheaper than advertised.

It’s not only MacBook Pros, of course; most things you want to buy through Apple are discounted on the Education Store. You can take A$68 off an 11-inch iPad Pro, or A$136 off a 12.9-inch iPad Pro; the base-model M1 iMac is A$68 off, and 8-core GPU models take A$136 off, so you can keep the lifelong learning alive.

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