Sink Your Teeth into These Docos for Shark Week 2021

Sink Your Teeth into These Docos for Shark Week 2021
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It may be too cold to go into the water right now in Australia, but you can still live vicariously through Shark Week.

The annual TV festival of all things sharks kicked off on July 11 in 2021. While it’s not as easy to tune into Shark Week in Australia as it is in other countries, there’s still plenty of shark-filled programming to dive into this week.

How to watch Shark Week 2021 in Australia

Shark Week is a series of shark-focused programs put on by the Discovery channel in the US. Each year Shark Week brings insightful new specials dedicated to the underwater predator.

To watch the Discovery channel in Australia you’ll need a cable TV subscription to a service like Foxtel, or you may be able to add the channel to your box with Fetch or Telstra TV depending on your provider.

The National Geographic channel is also running its own SharkFest series during Shark Week and beyond – which again you’ll need a pay-TV subscription to access. However, Disney+ also has a National Geographic hub which will be home to plenty of shark-related content during the month.

Foxtel Now also offers a docos add-on pack that will give you access to the Discovery Channel and National Geographic via live streaming and catch-up.

Alternatively, you can use a VPN to switch your location to the US and watch the Discovery channel via that.

Which shark programs can you watch?

shark beach shark week 2021
Image: Disney

You can find the full schedule of Discovery’s shark week programming in the US here.

As for Australia, here are some of the shark docos you can tune into this week:

  • Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth (Disney+, National Geographic)
  • Great Barrier Reef: A Living Treasure (National Geographic)
  • Shark Attack-tics (National Geographic)
  • Most Wanted Sharks (Disney+)
  • Secrets Of The Bull Shark (Disney+)
  • Shark vs Surfer (Disney+)
  • Shark vs Tuna (Disney+)
  • Shark vs Whale (Disney+)
  • Sharkatraz (Disney+)
  • Sharkcano (Disney+)
  • What The Shark? (Disney+)
  • Shark Gangs (National Geographic)
  • The Sharks of Hawaii (National Geographic)
  • When Sharks Attack (Disney+, National Geographic)
  • The Sharks of the Bermuda Triangle (Disney+, National Geographic)

That should be more than enough shark-related content to get you through Shark Week in 2021. If not, there’s always Jaws, which you can find on Stan.

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