From Trash To Treasure: What To Sell Online For Extra Cash

From Trash To Treasure: What To Sell Online For Extra Cash
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Over time, we’re all guilty of hoarding items we haven’t used, worn, or looked at in years. Perhaps due to laziness, nostalgia or a combination, we also tend to be reluctant getting rid of these items.

We’ve partnered with Bankwest to put together a list of banking no-brainers that could help you earn some extra cash.

Well, now’s the time for a fresh start and a bit of extra cash in your pocket. It’s not exactly spring – far from it – but a winter cleaning sounds much more appealing if you can make money from selling your unwanted things online. Who doesn’t like extra pocket money?

First thing’s first, though: you need to sort out your PayID if you’re going to become an online retailer extraordinaire – that way, your buyers can easily send you the cash and you can easily remember where they have to send it, so you won’t have to repeatedly log into your bank account to fish out a BSB and account number.

Once PayID is set up, all you have to do is remember either your email address or your phone number (whichever you choose) and you’re ready to sell your unwanted goods.

1. Niche collectables

If you have some old McDonald’s Happy Meal toys in your parents’ cupboard of neglect, fish them out.

You might remember back in the ’00s, McDonald’s ran some killer toy promotions, including a Snoopy Around The World range where each snoopy was themed to a different country – it was fantastic.

People online go crazy for obscure toys, collectables and anything that induces the slightest sliver of nostalgia, so hunt around on various sites like eBay and Gumtree and see what people are hunting for.

Who knows? You might be sitting on a fortune.

2. Branded clothes

Everyone knows the pain of owning a beloved jacket or shirt that gets ruined on a Saturday night out and, lo and behold, it’s nowhere to be found when you head back to the store to find a replacement.

Clothes that are no longer stocked in stores can rake in some decent cash when you resell them online.

To get the most money out of your old (or vintage, as you will market them as) clothes, just make sure:

  • They’re branded
  • They’re in good condition
  • They look appealing
  • They’ve been photographed nicely

It can’t be stressed enough how much you need to describe them as ‘vintage’ rather than ‘old and unwanted’.

3. Exercise equipment

You may have noticed that certain exercise gear is completely sold out on your regular shopping sites, as it appears every Australian with an internet connection has decided they’re going to get as buff as they can.

Capitalise on this, and offload some of the expensive exercise gear you bought after a nasty break-up three-or-four years ago.

To do this, first you’ll have to be honest with yourself and admit that you’re highly unlikely to use the fitness equipment yourself, but once you’ve come to terms with that realisation, you could be making bank.

4. Non-Smart televisions

Don’t get us wrong – if you have a smart TV you wish to sell, go nuts.

But as we enter an age where more TVs are smart than not, there seems to be a sudden influx of people wanting your standard, run-of-the-mill, pre-streaming TV without all the bells and whistles.

So, if you have a fully-functioning old TV with a decent-sized screen that you’re not using, pop it online and see if you get any nibbles.

You might be surprised.

5. Desks

As more people start settling into work-from-home life, they’ve noticed that a decent desk is crucial for productivity – another reason why they’re in such high demand from online retailers.

Now’s your chance to discard that giant hunk of wood that’s been taking up space in your living room, give it to someone who needs it more than you and, in the process, fill your virtual pockets with easy-earned cash.

If you want to get a rush of endorphins, you can also enable Easy Alerts so your phone tells you whenever you receive some moula.

Of course, all these tips don’t take your objectives or financial situation into account and you should seek relevant professional advice. Terms of use apply for Bankwest app.

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