Turn Used Candle Jars Into Mini Planters

Turn Used Candle Jars Into Mini Planters

Some people put a lot of thought into buying candles. They may use words like “burn time,” “musky” and “throw” to describe how they make their selections. But even though it’s really all about the scent, it can be hard to resist candles that come in aesthetically pleasing jars — and Big Candle knows that.

The problem is, once you’ve burned through the candle, you’re left with that amber glass apothecary-looking jar, or perfectly round opaque white glass. You don’t want to get rid of them, but you also have limited storage space and aren’t sure if empty candle jars are worth the real estate. Well, perhaps this TikTok video hack will provide you with some inspiration.

How to turn an old candle jar into a planter

If you’ve already used other old candle jars for things like pen/pencil holders or receptacles for cotton swabs or balls in the bathroom, you may want to consider using your next discarded candle jar as a mini planter. This trick comes to us from TikTok user Ashlie of @ash_o_lie.

First, you pop your used candle jar in the freezer. Here’s why that works, courtesy of a Lifehacker article from back in 2012:

The freezer will cause the wax to contract from the sides of the jar, making it much easier to scrape out with a dull knife. Once most of the wax is out, a few quick swabs with baby oil or vinegar should clear up any residue, leaving you with a perfectly good jar for countertop storage.

OK, that part’s done.

Now, take that empty candle jar and find a little plant to stick inside of it. Jars from three-wick candles (like the kind from Bath & Body Works) are the perfect fit for four-inch potted plants. Just stick the whole little plant — including the plastic grow pot it comes in — into the former candle jar, and you won’t have to worry about drainage.

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