Turn Your Holiday Movie Collection Into an Advent Calendar

Turn Your Holiday Movie Collection Into an Advent Calendar

Movie nights are always a fun time. Themed movie nights are even better. So, as soon as the Christmas season is within reach, you best believe I’m going to be planning out which films I want to work my way through. The only problem is that most people are doing the same thing. This often leads to a butting of heads when it comes time to choose a film on a Friday night (or every night).

If you, like a lot of folks, find that deciding which Christmas movie to watch is often a difficult choice to make, I might be able to help you out.

Create a Christmas film advent calendar:

Now, the below assumes that you have physical DVDs and Blu-rays available, but you could also do this with streaming services. I cover that a little way down, don’t worry.

  1. At the beginning of the season—so, like, right now—wrap all your holiday DVDs and Blu-rays.
  2. Each night (or a couple of times a week), have someone pick a “gift” and open it. No swapsies for a different movie.
  3. If you expect you’ll run into an argument around who’s turn it is to open a gift, establish an arbitrary order upfront. Youngest to oldest, alphabetically by name, whatever.
  4. Dim the lights (grab the snacks) and enjoy!

It’s like a fresh new spin on the countdown to Christmas. An anti-arguing advent calendar, if you will.

But… I don’t have physical copies of these movies

If you don’t own actual copies of your favourite holiday movies, write down the movie titles and pick them out, one by one, from a large mug or bowl – or even a festive gift box.

The above approach can also be used for DVDs and Blu-Rays if you’re not a fan of wasting wrapping paper.

If you need inspiration for Christmas movies, check out this write up of the best films here.


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