How to Safely Pack Your Jewellery for Travel

How to Safely Pack Your Jewellery for Travel
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I used to throw all my jewellery into a pouch and shove it in my suitcase, but that — no surprise — turned out to be the worst way to store my necklaces and bracelets. I’d show up at my destination with a tangled knot and not enough patience or time to spend untangling them. Here are some tips to help you avoid the mess I found myself in way too many times.

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Use a straw

For necklaces that aren’t too bulky, you can use a straw to help make sure that they don’t break or roll into a tangled ball of annoyance.

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After unlatching your necklace and slipping one end into the straw, latch it again. Once you have latched it, you can place your necklaces in plastic wrap.

Pack with plastic wrap

Place each necklace on a layer of plastic wrap about an inch apart, then place another sheet on the top. Kind of like necklaces in a blanket. You can then roll them until they’re tightly inside of the wrap and pack them wherever you like.

Put a sock in it

A great hack for watch wearers is to use a pair of gym socks. Simply roll one sock and latch your watch around it, then place it inside of the second sock. You can then place it in a side pocket or in between items, like denim, that will keep it from moving and breaking.

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Use a pill box

Pill boxes are so easy to find at any drugstore. They are often rectangular and have the days of the week on each section. These cases are great for separating rings and smaller earrings.

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With the inside of the pill box sectioned off, when you close the case no matter how shaken your bag gets, nothing will fall out, break, or get tangled into another piece of jewellery.

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