How Data Rollover Can Help You Get More Value Out of Your Phone Plan

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Data rollover has become an increasingly popular feature on phone plans, and it’s easy to understand why. After all, wouldn’t you want to keep all the data you’re paying for?

Data rollover – also referred to as data banking – is simple. If you’re on a plan that includes data rollover as a feature, any data you haven’t used at the end of the month is stashed away for later. The specifics on how this works varies from telco to telco, but data rollover is an excellent way to ensure you get as much value as you can from your monthly phone bill.

Here’s a look at some of the major providers that support data rollover:


Belong is the most flexible provider when it comes to data rollover. You can store away as much data as you want, and the only way you’ll lose it if you fail to pay your monthly bill for an “extended period” or if you decide to leave.

The best part of Belong’s data rollover is that you don’t lose your data if your change plan. Belong lets you change your plan once per month, and you can move up or down. This means you could opt for the telco’s 40GB for $40 plan, stockpile some data, and then drop down to the 1GB for $10 plan until you go through the allowance you’ve saved.

Alternatively, you can always just keep saving for a rainy day.

Here are Belong’s SIM-only plans plans:

Belong is powered by the Telstra network.


Boost Mobile will let you bank any unused data, provided you recharge before expiry. Data rolls over on a month-to-month basis, however. This means that if you don’t burn through your unused data the following month, it’s gone. As such, you’re not able to stockpile data in the same way you can with Belong, for example. You’re still free to change plans each time you recharge.

Here are some of Boost’s prepaid plans:

Boost Mobile is powered by the full 3G and 4G Telstra network.

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Woolworths Mobile

Woolworths Mobile has data rollover across all its plans, and lets you store up to 100GB. However, since Woolworths postpaid plans have a year-long contract, you won’t be able to move up and down plan tiers to try and make the most of any stashed data.

Here are Woolies’ SIM-only plans:

Woolworths Mobile is also one of the few telcos that offers data rollover on plans with a new phone. As with SIM-only plans, you’re locked into the same data allowance for the length of your contract.

Here’s a look at some of the devices you can get on Woolworths Mobile:

Woolworths Mobile is powered by the Telstra network.

Telstra Prepaid

Telstra has data rollover available on its entire range of “Prepaid Complete” plans, and lets you bank up to 200GB of data. You’ll hold onto your stockpiled data provided you recharge before expiry.

Here are some of Telstra’s prepaid plans:

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Optus Prepaid

Optus prepaid customers on an “Epic Data” plan can bank up to 200GB of data, while customers on an “Epic Value” plan can save up to 50GB. There are no time limits on data usage, you just need to ensure you keep an active recharge. Streaming data included on select Optus plans doesn’t rollover, however.

Here are some of Optus’ prepaid starter packs:

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