You Can Listen To Some Audible Audiobooks For Free Right Now

While venues across the country close, Audible is offering some of its collection for free. Unlike some other free offerings, where you’re required to sign up for a trial, or at least provide your email address, these offerings are all available to stream with no login and no payment information exchanging hands.

Books can be streamed on your desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet. The collection includes books for young readers such as Winnie-the-Pooh and the Timeless Tales of Beatrix Potter as well as books for teens and literary classics such as Jane Eyre, The Call of the Wild, and Roots.

When you click on a story from the main page you’re taken to a short description of the book, as well as reviews by other readers. Tapping the “Start Listening” button will bring up a web-based player for listening.

Just as you can normally with Audible, the player allows you to start and stop the stream, jump back or forward 30 seconds, and change the speed the book is being read. You can also navigate by chapter, so if you start listening to a book today, you can start again tomorrow where you left off. Since you’re not logging in, your place isn’t saved.

That said, a lot of these books are quick ones, so you can also potentially plow through. Bunch in an afternoon (or your kids can) without the need for a digital bookmark in the first place.


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