Does The Viral ‘McNugget Hack’ From TikTok Actually Work?

Does The Viral ‘McNugget Hack’ From TikTok Actually Work?

Have you ever ordered a 10-piece Chicken McNugget and a large drink, and found yourself with too few hands to adequately carry, sip, and dip? Well, TikTok’er @MakeupByPablo recently posted a genius McDonald’s hack that we decided to test out.

According to Pablo, you open up your box o’ nugs, separate the opening seam that connects the top and bottom of the box, and slide it over the straw in your large drink. Then you have one side for McNuggets, one side for fries and sauces, and your straw easily accessible in a “cocoon or whatever.”

But does it work? To find out, we went to McDonald’s and picked up a few orders of McNuggets, fries, and drinks. But we didn’t stop there. Surely there must be more ingenious ways to use all the packaging that comes with a Happy Meal.

So we tested out some other fast food hacks, like using the cardboard container to make gorgeous soft light for photographs. Did it make my skin glow? You tell me!

We also put some sauce packets in the freezer to see if they made good tiny ice packs. The findings there were highly debated throughout the Lifehacker offices. After we declared our verdict on that hack, our editors insisted that the frozen ketchup packets would make an ideal treatment for under-eye swelling. Since we didn’t test that on camera, I encourage you to throw some packets in the freezer and test this method yourself. Good luck and bon appetit!


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