Can You Really Unwrinkle A Shirt Without Ironing It?

Can You Really Unwrinkle A Shirt Without Ironing It?

I hate ironing. I’ve had the same wrinkled shirt sitting out for half a year. So I tested all the popular hacks for getting the wrinkles out of clothing without actually ironing it. The results aren’t what I hoped for.

Wrinkle Releaser

You can spritz your clothes with a bottle of wrinkle releaser spray, and tug and smooth the wrinkles out by hand. I went overboard with the spray, and ended up with a wet, slightly wrinkled shirt that smelled like Febreze. But if I had time to let my shirt dry, I think I could rely on this method for slightly wrinkled clothes.


There’s one hack that involves slapping some weights, like heavy books, on top of the wrinkled clothes. I tried it. It did nothing.

Shower steam

I’ve tried this one before: hanging my shirt in the bathroom while I take a shower. I’m pretty sure it’s worked, at least a little! But this time I was disappointed. Even after running very hot water for over 10 minutes and steaming up the bathroom, I didn’t see much change in the shirt.

Dryer and a towel

Throw your wrinkled clothes into the dryer along with a damp towel. Now we’re talking! This didn’t fix the collar and cuffs, but it got out some major wrinkles from the flat parts of the shirt. And it was still a lot easier than ironing. If you have a dryer in your home, this is a good option!


I don’t really care that much if there are some wrinkles in the flat part of a shirt. It’s the collar, cuffs and button line that really bother me. And none of the “hacks” smoothed them out. So I finally gave in and ironed the shirt.

I was right to dread it! Ironing the detailed parts of a shirt is a pain in the arse. You just have to turn on a podcast and suffer through it.

Things would have gone better if I’d learned how to properly iron a shirt. That wasn’t my mission today — my mission was to not iron! And even with a proper method and a podcast to entertain me, it’s still a boring chore.

Sorry to admit it, but next time I might pay someone else to press my shirts. That’s the only reliable way to avoid ironing.


  • There’s a reason why ironing hasn’t been “disrupted”. But don’t take my word for it, let’s ask an expert.

    Hey MC Teddy, do you still iron your scout uniform??? Do you find your prized “troll” badge hard to do??? I hear you’re working on the “constructive feedback and beneficial input” badge… don’t bother, you’ll never pass it…

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