Get Bushfire Ready

Get Bushfire Ready
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Bushfire season is looming and now is a good time to make sure you’re properly prepared should the worst happen.

Experts have warned that conditions across New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory are similar to 2003 where over 500 homes were lost in devastating bush fires. The on-going drought has lead to reduced rainfall and increased temperatures, a potentially dangerous combination.

If you’re in a bushfire prone area – and many Australians are – it’s important to prepare for disaster.

Before summer strikes, you should complete the home preparedness tips that includes having a bushfire survival plan, cutting back trees, cleaning your roof and gutters, having a hose that can reach the entire house and more.

An emergency kit is vital in these situations. Be sure to have a first aid kit, emergency contact details, torch and portable radio with spare batteries available.

Being prepared long before disaster strikes gives you the best possible chance to act appropriately.

Don’t forget to check your insurance is up to date too.


  • …having a house that can reach the entire house and more. Ummm, ‘hose’?
    If you’re on town water and you want to use the hose to put out spot fires, be prepared to have your water pressure disappear, as the fire brigade can suck/pump water out of the mains and leave you with no pressure.

    Our plan involves having a motorised pump with hoses and the ability to suck water out of our 75,000lt swimming pool.

    Don’t forget one option is to LEAVE EARLY. Your (and your family’s) lives are worth more than your home (and see ‘insurance’ above).

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