How To Delay Getting Windows 10’s ‘Spring Creators’ Update

How To Delay Getting Windows 10’s ‘Spring Creators’ Update

Microsoft is officially rolling out the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, also known as the Spring Creators Update, to computers tomorrow. While that might mean you’ll get it first thing, the company typically rolls those updates out slowly, which means you also might be waiting for a bit. If you’re anxious to get it now, here’s a rundown on how to make that happen. If you’d rather not bite the bullet on the update right now, then you can also delay having that update come to your computer.

In general, you should always eventually get these updates. They offer improvements to the user experience and security patches that you’re probably better off with than without. That said, the first release of software can sometimes be buggy, and if you’d rather have someone else test all the kinks out.

If you’d like to delay the update for yourself you can do that by going to Settings followed by Update & Security, and then Advanced Options from the Updates Settings section. From there, toggle the switch to Pause Updates.

With that, your update will be delayed by 35 days, which should be long enough to see if anyone is having any issues with this release, and long enough for Microsoft to figure out how to fix any problems if they do.

If you want to delay things even longer, CNET details how to do that here.

While I can get behind the month delay, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend intentionally delaying things much longer at this point. That’s just going to put you and your computer at risk, for not a lot of reward.


  • I activated the update yesterday morning for both my laptop and desktop. No problems whatsoever. As far as I’m concerned there’s no need to delay the update. Cheers, Rob.

  • What about the “Freezing Chrome” issue?
    Also, it appears that my Win10 Home v1709 doesn’t have the option to delay updates in
    Settings > Win Update > Advanced
    > no “Pause Update” option …

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