Nintendo Labo: Australian Pricing And Release Date

This morning Nintendo announced a new set of peripherals for the Nintendo Switch called the “Nintendo Labo” and they’re made entirely of cardboard. Yep, Nintendo is now in the paper craft game and if you’re looking to get into cardboard-video-game-toys, here’s what you need to know.

What Is The Nintendo Labo?

The Nintendo Labo (pronunciation still to be determined), as described by Nintendo itself, “can transform modular sheets of cardboard – specially designed to interact with the Nintendo Switch console and Joy-Con controllers – into interactive creations called Toy-Con”. Essentially, the Labo is a number of different paper craft kits you can purchase and then fold to create all manner of wondrous cardboard toys, like pianos or fishing rods or cars!

The slogan Nintendo is currently running with is “Make. Play. Discover.”

It’s harder to write about than just see it working in action, so have a look at the official trailer Nintendo released this morning:

When Is The Nintendo Labo Available In Australia?

The Nintendo Labo kits will be available from April 20, 2018.

How Much Will The Nintendo Labo Cost?

The Nintendo Labo has a couple of different price points, owing to the variety of different games and projects on offer. It isn’t cheap and owing to the fact that cardboard is generally not considered an ‘expensive’ product, could put some people off.

The first is the ‘Variety Kit’ which has five different Toy-Con projects: RC Cars, a Fishing Rod, a House, a Motorbike and a Piano. These games will interact differently with the Switch screen, depending on what game you’re looking to play. Seems like decent value at around $20 per Toy-Con project. This kit will retail at $99.95

The second kit is the ‘Robot Kit’ which comes with a single game that turns you into a robot. The kit itself features a huge cardboard backpack and left and right ‘gloves’ for your Joy-Con to slot into. This kit retails at $119.95.

You can also grab an accessories kit known as the ‘Customisation Set’, which is literally just coloured tape, stickers and stencils. It will cost $14.95.

Will Kids Go Crazy For This Thing And End Up Destroying The Cardboard?

Yes. Probably.

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