Make After-School Routines Easier By Colour-Coding A Clock

As a parent, I often feel like a walking stopwatch. "Three more minutes of TV!" "Eight minutes before it's time to brush your teeth!" "Twenty-four minutes until bedtime!"

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For my daughter, who is four and has just a vague notion of time, all of it seems negotiable. "Just two more minutes of LEGO Friends, pleeeeeeesase, mama?" There's begging. There's pouting. There's the Mum Voice.

If you, like me, could use some help moving your routine along, especially after school when life becomes a frazzled countdown to 8:30PM, colour-code a clock to keep your kids on task. Kids Activities Blog shares a DIY - just open up a wall clock, colour-code sections of time using textas, and then list the task that each colour stands for on a sheet of paper. See, the clock doesn't bargain. This is a particularly great tool for kids who can't yet tell time.

Kids Activities Blog

Get the full instructions at Kids Activities Blog.

After School Routine Clock [Kids Activities Blog]

Get out those calculators and sharpen your 2B pencils - it's Back-to-School Week! Going far beyond the classroom, Lifehacker is bringing you genius tricks and ideas on how to start routines, brush up on old skills, or learn something new this year.


    We taught our children about time. Our 4 year old knows that 7 is bed time - so 6 is before bedtime, We point it out and talk about it. Routine works as well, bath, dinner some TV (at the moment it is her big sisters show about dancers The Next Step - it's tweenish but they both love dancing and the teen stuff is mostly the boring bits to them), teeth then snuggles in bed for a few minutes before lights out.
    Her older sister got a fitness watch this year so she can tell the time herself, but again she has routine. Stretching from 7:00 until 7:30 when she reads for 30 mins before lights out.
    I don't think the idea of colour is bad, just a little lazy and something that will be redundant in short order. If your child can count to 12 they can tell the time... or at least understand the relevance of what comes before and after what. At least in my experience and opinion.

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