Kenya’s Internet Is Faster Than The NBN [Infographic]

Kenya’s Internet Is Faster Than The NBN [Infographic]

FACT: Kenya’s average internet speed is faster than Australia’s.

This infographic, which comes courtesy of Bloomberg and is based on Akamai’s State of the Internet report for Q1 2017, shows that Australia, land of the National Broadband Network, is still lagging quite a long way behind when it comes to average internet connection speeds. The Australian average in the first quarter of 2017 was 11.1Mbps placing it at 50th in the world, whereas Kenya sat at 43rd in the world with 12.2Mbps.

It’s interesting to note that since 2013, when Kenya implemented their own National Broadband Strategy, their average connection speed has jumped up from 4.46Mbps.

Across the ditch, New Zealand are sitting pretty on a healthy 14.7Mbps, while South Korea dominates in 1st place on a mammoth average connection speed of 28.6Mbps.

However, it’s not all bad news – although this infographic doesn’t show it, Australia ranks highly on the list (9th) when it comes to average mobile internet speeds whereas Kenya is a little further back.

Image: Bloomberg



    • “To be fair the top countries are all much smaller than the slower countries.”

      Does this mean its fair that Australia is one of the worlds richest countries, has had the most resilient economy for almost 2 decades, is the country that has probably the most private investment in the world, had the heads of the biggest tech corporations in the world looking to setup and invest in our infrastructure until the government screwed the NBN with politics and we are still way behind when it comes to internet?

    • To be fair, 67% live in capital cities. If they had 25Mb/s (min Broadband, everybody forgets creative UPload), then, even if 0 speed in other areas, the average should be better than 67*25/100=16.75Mb/s (>>11.1). It should be 20.7+ if min 12 in regional. With fibre, it would have been 57*1000+33*25=678+ (best in the world).
      We waste $33B/yr on military, vs $50sh for 100+ years. And what about the 2% boost to the economy ~$30Bn/yr??!!
      We were lucky (not any more) but stupid country.

      With much bigger countries & worse climate (Russia, Canada, China, USA, Brazil) around, Australia has no excuse for the miserable MTMess created by shortsighted TurnBull.

    • A big country has no relevance in the installation or speed of the Internet/NBN, how many milliseconds involved in sending messages from Australia to Europe or America ,

  • This is patent rubbish (or is it clickbait?).. Have you ever been to Kenya? If you ever go there intending to use the internet, you are in for a severe disappointment. Internet is for the rich & the tourist hotspots – it is by no means ubiquitous like it is here. Where we went, they still connected via 56K modems. How many Akamai devices are there in Kenya? One?.

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