Gerry Harvey Wants Australia To Ban Amazon ‘Like Donald Trump Not Letting The Muslims In’

Gerry Harvey Wants Australia To Ban Amazon ‘Like Donald Trump Not Letting The Muslims In’

Gerry Harvey has a long history of complaining about things, particularly when it comes the protection of brick and mortar retail.

But this might be his most bizarre rant yet.

After reporting a record half-year profit, Harvey spoke to News. He said things. He said a lot of things.

Perhaps top of the ‘probably shouldn’t say that’ list was a suggestion that Australia should stop Amazon from coming here “like Donald Trump not letting the Muslims in”.

Later he would refer to Amazon as “parasites”.

Harvey’s issue focuses on Amazon’s pricing, which he believes is part of a long-term plan to “send everyone broke, then put up the price.”

Among Harvey’s more reasonable concerns: the fact that Amazon — and global companies like Amazon — aren’t paying corporate tax in Australia.

“They pay virtually no company tax [globally] and make virtually no profit in relation to their turnover. They’re not good corporate citizens, they send lots of people broke, they contribute virtually nothing to society. They’re not someone that we’d want around the place.”

For more, including Harvey’s views on distribution and rapidly increasing house prices I suggest heading to the original story. It’s… something alright.


  • Gerry, your self interest is showing, maybe tuck it back into your pants. This is like the fifth time. Multinationals not paying tax is a huge (“YUGE” in Trumpspeak) problem, but Gerry was pretty quiet about it until Amazon turned up on his door step. I’m pretty sure Gerry would (probably does) use creative tax structures to minimise his and Harvey Normans tax. The issues are separate, there is no reason to ban Amazon because of taxation issues.

  • Furniture stores: Stop department stores, they’re hurting our business!
    Department stores: Stop online retailers, they’re hurting our business!
    Online retailers: Stop International online retailers, they’re hurting our business
    International online retailers: Stop 3D printing, it’s hurting our business!

  • I think it’s all a joke, especially when I can purchase a board game from amazon, and get it shipped to Australia cheaper (and in less than a week) than the cost of walking into a Gamesworld store and buying it.

    Even cheaper than every other Australian online seller I could find too.

    I cannot wait until Amazon arrives.

    • its got pros and cons

      pro: it makes local retailers think twice about how much they are charging

      con: usually means they block the international purchasing from their store and force you to use their new local option, which typically is a little more expensive and has far less products

  • too bad the old fucks already got so much money that there is no way Amazon can send him broke

  • So this whining is coming from a guy who undercut Trusscot hifi and Radio Rentals virtually crippling these two companies and now he’s got the hide to complain about amazon. Get a life gezza people hate being ripped by you mate and have probably been using amazon and eBay for years you old fat douche bag

  • Does he want to be Australia’s answer to Trump? He is pretty good at whingeing & complaining, and is not afraid to make a fool of himself, has lots of money, and seems to have a problem with truth & facts. To me he seems ideally qualified. More so than Hanson, anyway.

    I can’t think of anything else he needs to get started. Apart from opening a Twitter account.

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