The Simplified Pocket Organiser

The Simplified Pocket Organiser

Sometimes you don’t want a full-size bag, you just want something small and easy. Case in point, Everyday Carry reader Dany Ty’s bag that just packs in a few daily essentials.

The bag’s a Maxpedition Mini Pocket Organiser. Being a medical student, Ty has a few odds and ends packed inside:

  1. Gerber 31-001880 Impromptu Tactical Pen, Black
  2. Nite Ize S-Biner #2
  3. Sharpie Pen Fine Point Pen (1742663)
  4. Water Purification Tablets 100/pack
  5. Ziploc Sandwich Bag
  6. Gerber 31-001880 Impromptu Tactical Pen, Black
  7. Friend’s Random Knitting
  8. Pocket Knife
  9. Laerdal CPR Face Shield
  10. Swiss+Tech Utili-Key
  11. Driver’s Licence and holder
  12. Band-aids
  13. Gudetama Ballpen
  14. Medicines
  15. Hand Sanitizer
  16. Notebook
  17. Notebook
  18. Hand Sanitizer
  19. Katana keychain

Our Featured Bag series shows the clever ways our readers carry their day-to-day gear.

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