NAB Sends Details Of 60,000 Customers To The Wrong Email Address, Blames Human Error

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National Australia Bank (NAB) sent emails containing personal details of customers to the wrong email address. The emails contained information such as names, addresses, BSB and account numbers and NAB identification numbers. Around 60,000 customers were affected.

The error concerns customers that migrated to Australia and started NAB accounts through the bank's migrating banking team before they arrived in the country. Affected customers have been notified.

NAB said in a statement released today:

"The email included customer information such as a name, address, email address, BSB and account number and in some cases NAB identification number - but it did not include any passwords. We also take full responsibility and we sincerely apologise to our customers for this mistake.

"The error was caused by human error and identified following our own internal checks and as soon as we realised what had happened we took action."

NAB is monitoring customer accounts to ensure there isn't any unusual activity as a result of this incident. The bank noted that 40% of the customers that were affected have either closed or have not used their account this year.



    I would like to know if this was an on or off shore mistake.

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