Ask For Refunds Or Credits If Your Hotel Doesn't Deliver Amenities They Advertise

Arriving at a hotel only to find that the beautiful pool, relaxing spa or well-stocked gym are all out of order can put a damper on your holiday. But you don't have to just deal with the disappointment: The hotel may be willing to give you a room credit, or even an upgrade, to make up for lack of amenities — all you have to do is ask.

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A closed pool or gym might may not be a big deal to you, but if you're choosing a hotel based on those amenities, or picking the perfect holiday resort, they're a deciding factor. If you were expecting to be able to hang out in the pool with your kids or use the gym to keep up with your exercise routine, not having access to those advertised amenities is frustrating. The hotel staff is unlikely to refund your entire stay, but they may be able to compensate you with a free breakfast, room upgrade or other perk to smooth things over. Of course, ask about compensation politely to increase the likelihood of the staff helping you out. Being a jerk probably won't get you anywhere.

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