My Name Is Mark, So I'll Be Drinking A Free Boost Juice Today

And if your name is Mark, Claire or Aiden you could also be drinking a free Boost juice.

I know this because I was tagged in this social media post a good few times yesterday.

Simply put, for today only if you rock up to any Boost store with some ID proving your name is Mark, Claire or Aiden, you will be able to pick up a free Boost.

If your name is spelled slightly differently, should still be okay. Marcs of the world, you have to deal with your name being spelled weird, but you're still eligible for a freebie.

I wasn't aware, but this has been happening for the past couple of days. Bretts, Marias and Pollys were eligible yesterday and Ethans, Leahs and Marnies were eligible on the September 29.

No idea when Boost are gonna quit this little stunt. I'd guess never since it's an absolutely genius idea. People are tagging and sharing like crazy. It's social media genius when you think about it — who'd want their friends to miss out on a free Boost? Clever stuff.


    -1 point to have a unique name. There are over 200 spellings of the name unique. My favourite is uniqquu

    Poor little Mordecai, he's gonna get teased even more now.

    'Let's destroy the joint' better complain about this campaign. It's clearly racist.

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