Briefly: Aussies In Games, Google Assistant Quirks, Clinton Vs Trump

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: the coolest Australians in video games, how Donald Trump lost another debate by making it all about himself, is Google Assistant too robotic?

  • Usually, Australian characters in video games are terrible: "occa" stereotypes with atrociously bad accents delivered by bad American voice actors. But occasionally, games get us right. Here are seven of the best.
  • Today, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton squared off in the final US presidential debate. And once again, the Donald made it all about himself. Business Insider has the story.
  • Google Assistant is not intuitive. Gizmodo reporter Michael Nunez found that out the hard way when he tried to arrange a romantic date with it. Here is his story.
  • Ever wondered what the extra eyelet at the top of a pair of sneakers is for? You can finally rest in peace.
  • Game Of Thrones author George R R Martin wants a Game Of Thrones/Westworld crossover. No, really. Here's the story.
  • A 34-year old trader at Goldman Sachs recently made a $100 million profit. Business Insider explains why he is part of a dying breed.


    I think I will rate Google ASS-istant as a complete and utter failure. It's a nice day, and my partner was just curious what the pressure was. "Fine I thought, I will ask the gormless and humourless assistant"

    This is the actual result to such a simple question. (I will write in the mis-hearings exactly.

    ME: What's the pressure
    GA: Here's the video: Laura Tessero (Belguim) 2016 Eurovision
    ME: No that's wrong what's the dilly bars
    GA: I can search the web for answers
    ME: Muesli Bars
    GA: There might be some info on the web (Shows a recipe)
    ME: Milly bars
    GA: This is from Facebook (Shows some place called Milly Bar in the USA)
    ME: (spelling it) M I L L I B A R S
    GA: 1 bar = 1000 millibars
    ME: No, Barometric Pressure
    GA: Here's a result from Wikipedia (The altimeter setting in aviation.....)
    ME: God you are stupid
    GA: Sorry I don't understand
    ME: {Thumbs Down}
    GA: Can you share a bit more information about what you didn't like
    ME: Useless
    GA: Thanks for explaining the Issue
    ME: What is the current atmospheric pressure in Melbourne
    GA: Here's what the web has to say about that (Shows a page about the USA)
    ME: You are so useless, you are temping me to change to Apple
    GA: This came back from a search (Webpage for Apple Power Cables for sale on

    Seriously. Google now works, but GA? Useless as a nun in a brewery.

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