Plex Can Now Be Your DVR, Record Over-The-Air TV With A Digital Tuner

Plex Can Now Be Your DVR, Record Over-The-Air TV With A Digital Tuner

In its quest to become your go-to service for any all media, Plex has just announced one of its biggest updates yet. Now, you can use the app as a DVR to record TV shows directly to your Plex server.

The new feature requires an HDHomeRun digital tuner as well as a digital broadcast antenna. You’ll also need to be a Plex Pass subscriber (plans start at $US5 [$7] a month). If you can get over those hurdles, though, you can record over-the-air television directly to your Plex server.

Once your shows are recorded, they’re treated just like any other content in your Plex library. You can stream them to other devices, sync them for offline viewing or sync them to your cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive. Unlike cable company DVRs, you can add as many tuners as you like and record as many shows as you want. The only limit is the investment you’re willing to make in it.


  • Important distinction:

    The HD Homerun Connect and PLEX only support recorded TV viewing at this stage, not live TV viewing. Hopefully this will be added at a later stage.

    But it looks like it’s fully supported in AU from launch, which is awesome! Auto recorded shows with fully scraped library data? Sounds like a great solution!

  • I’d love to be able to use this with the Xbox One Plex app, seeing Microsoft dropped the DVR support plan for the pretty damn great TV tuner. Assuming this isn’t possible by the looks of the above article, but will read more into it on Plex’s site and forums, see if there are any options.

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