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If you want a no-brainer TV recording device, you've got two choices right now in Australia: the Foxtel iQ or the TiVo. Now Telstra is throwing its hat into the ring with the planned release of its own device, branded the T-Box.


Streaming video, digital DVD backups, DVR recording—it's all possible from your TV-connected media centre, and you don't need a system administrator to pull it off. These apps make filling and controlling your media centre PC even easier.


If, like me, you've been waiting for a plug and play PVR then our pals at Gizmodo have a lot of interesting news to share. First up, Seven has confirmed that TiVo is definitely launching here, but not until August.(I was turned down for the TiVo beta - first beta I've ever been knocked back for! sob!)And if you're PlayStation inclined, Sony have announced we'll get its PVR addon for PS3, PlayTV sometime in the 4th quarter.I've never been a huge fan of pay TV, but I've been enjoying the Foxtel IQ lately.My question to you is, have you found a PC-based PVR that "just works"? I've heard good things about MythTV but never tried it. I've only used Microsoft's Media Center to play music. Yes, I'm pretty much a noob.


Grr I hope the rumour that Seven may dump TiVo before it even reaches the market here is wrong. Nick over at Gizmodo pointed out an SMH report which said Seven may give up on importing the cult American PVR in favour of joining forces with the other free to air stations and their "Freeview" PVR which is being mooted to go up against Foxtel's IQ. Let the consumers decide, please, not a consortium. :(


Your TiVo can play more than just television it's recorded —it can also play video that you've downloaded to your computer from the internets, and it can do it without the pay-for TiVo Desktop Plus upgrade. If you're a BitTorrent'ing, usenet'ing, podcatching, downloading fool, filling up your hard drive with movies, television episodes, and video clips you want to watch from the couch instead of the computer chair, you can do just that if you've got a TiVo sitting under your flat screen in the living room. Using the free Videora TiVo Converter for Windows, here's how to watch your video downloads from the comfort of your couch without forking over extra cash.


Calling all TiVo users! An (ahem) "friend" of mine just entered the 21st century and got herself a new Series 3 TiVo, and is wondering what all it can do besides, well, all that it does. What are your favorite TiVo tricks and helper applications? You a fan of TiVoToGo? TiVo.net? TiVo2DVD? You streaming your music and photo library to the old TV with TiVo? Tell us about your TiVo setup in the comments.