Linux Kernel 4.8 To Bring Microsoft Surface 3 Support

Linux Kernel 4.8 To Bring Microsoft Surface 3 Support

Microsoft’s range of Surface tablets has found a steady fan base with professionals but they’re not the greatest computers for running Linux. Some distributions do run on Surface tablets, but the experience isn’t fantastic. This may be about to change, with the Linux Kernel 4.8 first release candidate featuring a new driver specifically for the Surface 3 tablet. Here are the details.

Linux creator Linus Torvalds has said that this kernel release is building up to be one of the biggest one in recent times. Certainly, Linux Kernel 4.8 first release candidate sports a ton of new drivers and other updates. One of the drivers, as mentioned by Linux contributor Dmitry Torokhov, was for the touchscreen controller found in Surface 3.

It’s likely this new driver will end up being in the final release of Linux Kernel 4.8.

While the Surface 3 has been out for some time and has been succeeded by newer tablets in the family, it’s still available for purchase through the Microsoft online store for $979. With support for a better Surface 3 experience coming soon, this may make the tablet an attractive option for Linux users who want to experiment with the operating system on a touchscreen.

Linux Kernel 4.7 was release last month.

[Via BetaNews]

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