Millions Of Twitter Passwords Appear To Have Been Leaked Online

Millions Of Twitter Passwords Appear To Have Been Leaked Online

If the recent security breaches (or should we say alleged security breaches) of Myspace, Tumblr, Netflix and LinkedIn data have taught us anything it’s that all our passwords need to be changed. But if you haven’t got round to your Twitter log-ins then now is a perfect time, because according to reports today more than 32.8 million supposed Twitter usernames and passwords have been stolen and shared.

In a blog post about the Twitter details, LeakedSource reveals that they probably weren’t obtained via a hack of the platform. But rather individuals were by malware, which saved the Twitter usernames and passwords from browsers, like Chrome and Firefox, back to hackers.

The post also explained that a lot of the users affected by the data leak appear to be from Russia — but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take action soon too if you’re based in the UK.

There’s been a lot of controversy in recent weeks regarding a number of major platforms and alleged data leaks. It’s still not been 100 percent confirmed whether all of the leaks are valid and whether they really did come from older hacking incidents, breaches to the platforms themselves or malware breaches, as seems to be the case with Twitter. But regardless, experts are urging people to change their passwords, use different passwords for different platforms and enable two-factor authentication where possible.

This article originally appeared on Lifehacker UK