5 Reasons You Need A PO Box

As the world becomes more digital, your physical address is more important than ever. Your address is shared more, it’s more discoverable, and it’s also very valuable. These are just some of the reasons why you should consider investing in a PO Box.

#1 More privacy

It’s very easy to unearth physical addresses online. If you’ve ever bought something online and had it shipped, your address is probably sitting in a database somewhere, just waiting to be found. Using a PO Box can help you conceal some of this. Rather than your home, all you’re giving away is the name of your PO Box outlet.

Physical privacy is especially important if you’re running a home-based business — does everyone need to know your personal address? On the other hand, clients like to know how and where to contact you — and depending on your business, you may need to receive physical mail. A PO Box, in this case, offers the best of both worlds — your customers can contact you, but your location isn’t being broadcast to the world.

#2 More professional

If you’re starting a small business, working out of a garage or a co-working space, having an easily-googled address could give your customers a false impression. This can be especially problematic if you’ve got a lite business model, like drop shipping.

A PO Box, on the other hand, can be a rather handy mask. Everyone from retirees to the Australian government take advantage of PO Boxes. It gives nothing away. By using one you can enhance your image and status in the eyes of your potential customers.

#3 More security

A PO Box can also be safer option for your mail. If you aren’t around to collect a parcel, having the post office do it for you is much safer than having it left on a doorstep or behind a pot plant. Simply collect it when you can.

And a PO Box can be much safer than your own mailbox. Rather than having your mail readily accessible to anyone in your building or street, a PO Box keeps everything safe and sound behind lock and key. Shielded from quick hands, prying eyes, and even the weather. This is especially useful if you’re away for any stretch of time.

#4 More convenient

PO Box owners receive their mail the moment it’s sorted. If you’ve got an urgent package, or have been waiting for something to arrive, those minutes and hours can really make a difference.

And you can know exactly when you have mail ready to collect by signing up to notifications. With Mail2Day alerts, you can receive delivery notifications on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Mail2Day is free with your PO Box subscription and allows you to receive mail more efficiently.

#5 More continuity

As businesses grow and evolve, they often need new and different spaces. But every time you move you can create more hassles for yourself — mail that goes to old addresses, time and opportunities lost hunting for it all.

Getting a PO Box means there’s no hassle if you change the physical location of your business — your PO Box address stays the same. Your mail will keep being delivered. And you’ll never have to change your stationery or business cards again.

To sign up for a PO Box for you or your business, download an application form or pick one up at your nearest participating Post Office.

This article is provided for general information purposes only and is not intended to be specific advice for your business needs. We recommend you get your own legal advice before setting up your small business. Compatible smartphone or device required in order to receive Mail2Day push notifications. Apple devices require a minimum iOS8 on iPhone 4s or later.

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