Gartner: Don’t Over-Estimate The Power Of The Cloud

Gartner: Don’t Over-Estimate The Power Of The Cloud

Australian organisations love cloud computing for a host of reasons, one of which is because they assume it will save their business money. But IT analyst firm Gartner warns that it’s unrealistic to think that cloud will bring guaranteed savings. Here’s why.

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Gartner research director Michael Warrilow recently commented on the major infrastructure and datacentre trends in Australia and New Zealand this year. He highlighted that local organisations continues to be interested in cloud computing but said they may be getting a little too enthusiastic about it.

Warrilow said:

“Some are making dangerous assumptions that it will always save them money, which it’s not necessarily going to do. What they will get is more agility and a different mix of capex and opex, which the business likes. I have this conversation every week with companies in Australia and New Zealand now.”

Yes, cloud computing does indeed bring a lot of benefits. Just make sure you’re not relying on adopting cloud services to help your business cut costs. Realistically, the advantages that cloud computing can bring is often intangible or at least inconspicuous in the short term but it can bring long term benefits that affect how your business operates.

[Via Gartner Newsroom]

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