Turn An Old Fridge Into An Awesome Party-Friendly Cooler

Turn an Old Fridge into an Awesome Party-Friendly Cooler

Before you get rid of that old, broken refrigerator, think of what you could do with it — like turning it into this interesting, rustic cooler.

The plans for this project come from Instructables user Matt2 Silver. You'll need about $US40 ($57) worth of materials, including pallets, casters, and 2x4s. When all's said and done (it will take about two days to complete), you'll have a combination serving table/prep area and multiple cooler compartments for stashing drinks, condiments and other party goodies.

It's huge, but perhaps you host huge parties.

Awesome Rustic Cooler from Broken Refrigerator and Pallets [Instructables]


    Don't expect it to run well or even last too long. The compressor is designed to run vertically.

      You use a broken fridge, Its basically an old fridge turned into a big esky. No compressor.

      I think the point is to use the insulation, not the motor - since the article mentions "broken" fridge

    This looks like a pretty handy hack, but a full sized fridge IS huge.. this would work equally well with a knackered bar fridge, and it would be a much more manageable size.

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