Easily Visualise Your Data With Vizable

Easily Visualise Your Data With Vizable

iPad: The new data visualisation tool from Tableau lets you import large spreadsheets and finger your way through simple bar graphs, providing a much more exciting way to explore your numbers.

How is this different to something like, say, Plotly? Other than the fact that this is iPad only, Vizable focuses on intuitiveness and ease of use, for those who feel like Plotly is a bit much. Just look at all the happy, smiling people in the video above talking about how it changed their lives. They’d rather be importing and swiping through graph porn than manually choosing between scatter plots and deciding what data should go in what column.

It’s also a lot more real-time. Swipe gestures manipulate the data so you can quickly see if excluding a particular section has any dramatic effect, or you can choose to focus on something else, or undo everything step-by-step by dragging your fingers outwards.

A swipe down changes calculations from sums to averages. A swipe right changes the field you’re looking at. It’s all explained on its How-To page.

Vizable (Free)

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