Use A Torque Wrench To Prevent Overtightening Bolts

Every DIY mechanic should have a torque wrench at hand to prevent stripping and overtightening bolts.

Many bolts used in the construction of cars and trucks are tightened to certain torque specifications to ensure proper tension and loading of all parts. A perfect example are oil drain plugs and wheel lug nuts. Set the torque setting on your wrench by twisting the handle to the desired settings. As you tighten the bolt listen for a click sound, which indicates you've reached your set torque, and stop.

Handle a torque wrench with care and never drop it, as that could throw it out of calibration. When you are done using your wrench, back the torque all the way down for storage which will maintain the settings longer.

This highly-rated Tekton torque wrench is available for $US39 on Amazon.

How to use a torque wrench [ChrisFix (YouTube)]


    Do not buy a cheap torque wrench if you want things torqued up correctly.

    These are mass produced and badged anywhere from Kincrome to TengTools to even unbranded and whatever the brand Aldi has in there catalogues every year.

    Also on that video you should never click it off on the same bolt more than once. Once is all it needs.

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