Mitre Saw Safety Tips Every Newbie Woodworker Should Know

Mitre saws can take your DIY skills to the next level, but it's important to make sure you follow some basic safety tips before starting your cuts. This video outlines some of them.

Mitre saws consist of a large spinning blade that is pulled down to make clean accurate cuts. These cuts can be done at 45-degree angles or less very quickly, hence the term "mitre".

Before making your cuts you'll want to wear proper personal safety gear, including eye and hearing protection. Avoid loose fitting clothes that could get caught. Your workspace should be clear of distractions, and your mitre saw should have plenty of clearance around it. You definitely don't want to (or want someone else to) bump into it during operation.

Start the blade spinning before you bring it down into the wood. That way by the time you make contact, the blade should be spinning at maximum speed. Keep a steady, but firm hand on the saw. If you hit a knot, nail, or have a piece of warped lumber, the wood can kick back.

Keep your hands and arms as far away from the blade as possible. Use clamps to hold smaller pieces of wood against the fence to keep your hands clear of the saw, and never cross your arm in front of the saw. Always use a sharp saw blade, and make sure your saw is equipped with the proper manufacturer-installed blade guards.

For more tips on using a mitre saw check out the instructional video above and check out the link below for a more detailed list.

Safety Manual: Miter Saw [Fine Woodworking]


    Also be careful when cutting small bits of material from the end, occasionally theyll grab and get flung nice and fast. not sure if this happens with wood, but it sure does with aluminium

      A blade with a negative tooth rake is great for aluminium. Never had a bad grab with one yet! (touch wood :) )

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