The Diamond Home Screen

The Diamond Home Screen

Who needs horizontal lines? This home screen design shifts everything on its end, putting all the essential widgets and shortcuts on a stylish diamond grid.

This home screen is designed for Themer. To get this on your device, download the .zip from the source link below, then follow these steps:

  1. Move the .zip to sdcard0 > MyColorScreen > Themer > Exported > zip (your initial location may vary).
  2. Open Themer and browse for themes.
  3. Under "My Themes" select "Exported".
  4. Choose ""

Diamonds [My Color Screen]


    As a graphic designer, I really like the diamond grid idea. It's something I haven't seen much and so it presents a fresh idea for layouts that challenge our expectation of how a website should look.

    I look forward to exploring some design variations of this in my own work.

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