Quickly Disable Ad Alerts On Your Wii U GamePad With A Few Settings

Quickly Disable Ad Alerts on Your Wii U GamePad with a Few Settings

The Wii U has some great games and is capable of some video streaming, but it also has the annoying ability to display game advertisements when the system isn't even being used. A few quick setting changes can fix that.

It's hard to hate Nintendo's colourful cast of characters, but that doesn't mean you want them trying to sell you games in your living room all the time. Most people aren't aware you can turn them off, but Chris Hoffman at How-To Geek highlights a couple of basic settings you can switch to keep the ads away:

  • Go to System Settings (the wrench) > Power Settings > Quick Start Menu > and set Wii U GamePad Alerts to "No".

If you don't want to get rid of the SpotPass promotional alerts completely, there are some other settings you can mess around with as well. You can even set certain times when it's OK for the alerts to pop up. To learn about more options, check out the link below.

How to Disable the Alerts on Your Wii U's GamePad [How-To Geek]


    I got both annoyed & freaked out when my Wii U turned itself on to show me that advertisement. Usually it just flashes the Home button blue but this time it turned itself completely on.

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