Fix The Moto 360’s Flat Tyre With Little Worlds

Motorola’s Moto 360 is a decent Android Wear smartwatch, but its “flat tyre” display is a touch annoying. Here’s how to turn that flat into a feature.

The Little Worlds add-on for the Watch Face – Minimal & Elegant ($1.19) add-on allows you to add “Little Worlds” graphics just above the Moto 360’s flattened bottom edge, giving the flat tyre a reason to be on the Moto 360’s otherwise polished watch face.

No, it won’t suddenly turn that flat tyre into a usable part of the LCD display, but anything’s better than a flat tyre.

Turn the Moto 360 “flat tire” into a feature with a 99 cent watch face [Liliputing]


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