Xtra-PC Helps Non-Technical People Install Linux On An Old PC

Xtra-PC Helps Non-Technical People Install Linux On An Old PC

We’ve covered some ways of installing Linux on an old Windows XP computer before. Xtra-PC makes the process easy for non-technical people — and it comes with a lot of popular software set up out of the box. You can run the product off the DVD or a flash drive, or install it directly to the hard drive (erasing the old operating system). I tried it on a few different XP-era computers and didn’t need any drivers. Even wireless and Ethernet worked perfectly.

Xtra-PC includes links for Facebook, Minecraft and Netflix, and optimises Chromium with the correct plug-ins. Other web-based products like Google Docs work just like you’d expect with any other OS. You could do this yourself, of course, but for $US15, Xtra-PC does it for you and provides support — perfect for non-technical people who need an extra computer that’s less likely to get viruses.

Xtra-PC ($US14.99 DVD, $US9.99 Download)


  • There are millions and millions of computer in garages, hallway closets, and storage rooms, not to mention the laptops sitting unnoticed on desks, book shelves, and luring in bottom drawers.

    A great number of these are 32-bit architecture, because Windows was a 32-bit operating system for a long time and charged a premium for its 64-bit operating system.

    I have found the free MX-14 to be an easy Debian Based Linux system to download, and with UNetbootin to burn to a Thumb/Flash drive, or to use the free IMGburn in Windows to burn a CD that most of these system have.

    MX-14 has a start menu, and I have found it normally will connect to any internet source, and is easy to set up in many different languages. This mid weight Linux operating system, will run quite quickly in most older systems.

    Believe the current version is MX-14.3 and the next version will be MX-14.4. MX-15 will be released in the late fall of 2015,


  • purchased one of your devices for my grandsons Computer. he is a new user for computers and I just want hime to use windows to stat out. How do I return the device for credit?

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