Cooling Your PC With Nutella

No, we can't recommend this, but apparently it works. If your self-built PC is running hot, then instead of using a sensible solution like thermal paste, you can apply Nutella, as this Coolmaster video demonstrates.

Obviously, this fix is both temporary and stupid. But if anyone wants to experiment with Vegemite and tell us if that works, a whole nation would love to know.

[via Gizmodo]


    i am currently building a new pc and for a while today i was trying to remember if i had thermal paste, i can honestly say the thought of using nutella as a substitute never once crossed my mind

    i guess the upside to using it though would be as it heats up it would probably smell nice, well at least untill your cpu cooked its self, i know the video showed 50c but how long would it last

    apparently savlon works too

    Right up until you get ants in your mobo. Jeeze.

    Is it the ants that cool things down? What is the point of this?

    I use copper antisieze when im in a pinch, have to be careful though because it's a little bit conductive

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